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About the Portal

The Medical Home Portal is a unique source of reliable information about children and youth with special health care needs (CYSHCN), offering a “one-stop shop” for their:

  • Families
  • Physicians and Medical Home teams
  • Other Professionals and Caregivers

About the Portal

Partnering with the Portal

The Medical Home Portal also partners with four other states to offer their residents information about local community and professional service providers, found in the Services Directory tab and integrated into the Portal's content.

Learn how your state or region can partner with the Portal…

What is Medical Home?

The Medical Home approach to caring for children focuses on the patient, his/her family, and their community and aims to improve outcomes related to health, relationships, education, and abilities…

About Medical Home

The Patient-Centered Medical Home

What You’ll Find in the Portal

Written by parents of CYSHCN, this section aims to help families

  • Navigate the journey from diagnosis to adulthood
  • Care for their child or adolescent with a chronic condition(s)
  • Find valuable information, resources, and support
  • And more...

Go to For Parents & Families

Offers information, resources, and tools for primary care clinicians, their teams, and other professionals on

  • Building a Medical Home and coordinating care
  • Screening and Prevention
  • Using medical technology
  • And more…

Go to For Physicians & Professionals

Information, guidelines, tools, and resources for assessing and managing children with any of 45 conditions . Though written for the primary care team, these pages hold useful information for anyone caring for CYSHCN.

Go to Diagnoses & Conditions

Brief guides for primary care teams responding to positive newborn screening tests, along with links to more information, resources, and services.

Go to Newborn Disorders

Information about local providers of over 250 categories of community and professional services in our collaborating states.

Go to NV Services Directory

Here you’ll find all of the Portal’s

1234Links to more Information & Support
678Clinical Tools
912Patient Education materials
75Registries & Studies
and more...

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The Medical Home Portal's

  • Vision: All children and youth with special health care needs (CYSHCN) and their families achieve optimal outcomes through improved availability and quality of information, healthcare, related services, and coordination of care.
  • Mission: To help professionals and families work together to care and advocate for CYSHCN.
  • Long-Range Goal: To improve outcomes for CYSHCN and their families by enhancing the availability and quality of healthcare, related services, and coordination of care.

“I use the Medical Home Portal mostly in two ways-- as a reference to help in the management of CYSHCN with specific diagnoses-- the articles, etc., have been selected carefully for their utility in everyday practice-- and as a resource for families looking for information. Accessibility of information keeps me coming back.”

Bob Terashima, MD, Pediatrician from Utah

“Our son has Prader-Willi Syndrome. I just wanted to say that I've seen a LOT of descriptions of PWS on different websites and yours seems to be one of the most *accurate* and comprehensive!! Thank you so much. You have no idea how important it is to those of us who deal with PWS that when the public is educated about it, that they are getting good information. Keep up the good work!!”

Name not published (HIPAA)

“I’m a second year MSW intern at the Regional Autism Center at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. I just wanted to let you know that I found the Utah Care Notebook online and love it. I will be using it as a model for the development of my own sheets for families we see at CHOP. Thanks so much for making this wonderful resource available to families and caregivers! ”

Nicole Pittella from Philadelphia, PA

Partnerships among families, physicians, and other caring professionals are the foundation of the Medical Home approach to care (see About Medical Home to learn more).